Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Can I Not Feel Hungry all the Time?

It's normal to feel hungry when you start a new exercise regimen or you increase your exercise frequency or intensity. You're burning more calories, so your body needs to take more in. Make sure you get lots of healthy, high-fiber foods in your diet. Most high-fiber foods require more chewing, which helps to satisfy hunger. Spread out your calories by eating five to six small meals as opposed to three large ones during the day. 

If you wait too long for a large meal, you'll be starving and tempted to overindulged by the time you eat. Remember eating more frequent, smaller meals helps keep you full, and lets you stay in control.Slow down when you're eating. It takes our body 20 minutes to realize it's full. If you eat quickly, you'll eat extra calories while your body is figuring out whether it's hungry. If you eat slowly, your brain will start sending signals to stop eating at the right time.


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