Sunday, March 3, 2013

Springing Into Action

Good Morning!!! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend. All is well over here. Spring will be here on March 21st but it's not to late to get back on track if you fell off. Over the weekend I had a few people come to me and express how much they love reading my blog and I how I keep them motivated however at times they just want to throw in the towel because they don't see results fast enough.

People results will only appear if you put in the work. If you don't eat right and don't do any type of exercising then you will only make matters worse. You have to set a small goal and take it from there. The weather will be changing soon and this will be the perfect time to maybe take a walk  around a track. Grab a girlfriend. Take the kids. Also from time to time I like to go to the malls before they open and walk around a few times. Believe or not the average mall is about 1.5 miles (per floor). This is something that a person has to want to do. No one can make you do anything but you can't think just because you fell off that you can't get back on track.

Becoming active takes time and a lot of discipline. You have to crawl before you can walk. However once you take your first step it becomes easier and you build up your motivation. I always said this will not happen over night but you can't lose focus after a week when you don't put in any work. Three weeks ago I had a visit with my nutritionist and told me that he was very proud of how I always manage to stay focused and he wanted me to speak with some of his clients who was just starting this lifestyle change. It's all about changing for the better and enjoying life. There have bee plenty of times I fell off and just like a kid learning how to ride a bike, I dusted myself off and got back on the bike.

Don't let the spring/summer pass by and you are still in a slump because you haven't seen any results. This is the day you get off the couch...stop feeding yourself with excuses...and do something about it.


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