Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I am Determined

Patience is a virtue many do not possess. We have very little difficulty identifying what we want and need. The difficulty comes in waiting for it to manifest. We become nervous, doubtful, even fearful when we don't see our good coming as quickly as we think it should. Sometimes we even allow ourselves to believe someone or something can hold us back or stop our good from coming. We worry, we complain and sometimes we give up hope. We cannot see how we get in our own way. We forget about universal timing and divine order. We may not realize how our negative thoughts, doubts  and fears uproot the positive seeds we plant. We just don't understand that we would not have the desire unless the supply were ready to come forward. We must learn the virtue of patience because every time we open the oven door, we run the risk of making a good cake fall.

I shared this positive message this morning to say that even if you have been working out and eating right, results don't come overnight. You can not keep pressuring yourself when you don't see the weight dropping off as quickly as you would like. If you still attend happy hours and drink a lot of alcohol more than likely you won't get the results you want. Remember this takes time and a lot of dedication to get the results you want.

Continue to have positive thoughts and stay focused.....you will thank me later!!!!


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