Friday, September 20, 2013

Fitness & Food Apps That Make A Healthy Lifestyle Easy

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! 

This morning I am going to share with you all some of the best fitness and health apps that are all FREE and can assist with your healthy lifestyle. The biggest misconception, in regards to health and fitness, is that you have to spend a ton of money to achieve your personal goals. Access to helpful resources has become way easier! There are tons of reliable websites and apps that will help you get into tip-top shape while also mastering healthier ways of eating.

1. Couch to 5K: This app creates a running schedule for you. It will set a weekly pace that will have you running 3 miles in no time.

2. Food Heaven Made Easy: Try watching Wendy & Jess as they use all natural and clean ingredients to whip up everything from vegetarian and soul food to guilt-free drinks and desserts. Their youtube channel has video tutorials and their website has printables for easy recipes.

3. Fooducale: Confused bu nutrition labels? This app will break everything down for you as soon as you scan the bar code. The best part is it will show you a healthier alternative if the item is not a good food choice. ** I will be downloading this app asap! **

4. My Fitness Pal: I use this on a regular. It's very similar to Fooducale however this keeps a log of all the food you eat during the day and helps you calculate the types of exercises as well. Keeps track of your calorie intake and you can log in with your friends, which is also cool because this helps you motivate them and keep them on track!!

5. Map My Walking: I use this a lot to be honest. This tracks how fast and far I walk or run. It also keeps track of how many calories I burned. Very similar to Nike Run!!

So with all of these websites and free apps there should be no excuse as to why anyone shouldn't be able to stay focused. Remember this healthy lifestyle starts with YOU!! 

Have a safe weekend!!!


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  1. I love Fooducate! I just need to be more consistent. Thanks for reminding me. :-)