Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Much is Too Much Working Out

Do you work out every day and worry that you're addicted? To score the most from exercise, you only need to go hard three or four times a week. The fact is, hitting the gym too often can make often can make you less fit. The benefits you want from working out, getting leaner, stronger, healthier- reverse when you don't take breaks. For starters, your muscles aren't designed to kill it 24/7. Exercise creates tiny tears in muscle fiber, and when given a chance to heal, the fibers build. But without recovery, you won't see those changes in tone or strength. 

Too much exercise can leave you exhausted. Over exercising can have a sneaky psychological drawback. It traps you into a cycle of believing that if you let a day go by without logging a workout, you'll  get fat or instantly fall out of shape. Working out should enhance your life: friends, job, body and mind.

I normally workout 5 times a week. That doesn't mean I'm in the gym everyday. I mix it up weekly. Besides the gym I add on roller-skating, swimming, taking my daughter to the park, taking a quick run downtown after work and the list goes on. Don't think you HAVE to hit the gym everyday your body needs a day of rest and you don't want to over work yourself. 

Remember Work Out, Don't Burn Out


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