Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is Running Effective for Weight Loss?

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Many new runners hit the pavement with hopes of losing weight.  Then, after a week or two of grueling runs they quit their program out of frustration.  They see no results on the scale, their feet hurt and their joints ache.  It leaves many dieters wondering if running is bad for weight loss. If you want to lose weight with exercise, you'll need to pay attention to the intensity, frequency and duration of your exercise sessions.  You need to exercise hard enough to burn calories but not so hard that you get injured or burned out.  Each exercise session needs to be long enough to burn fat and your sessions need to be frequent enough to create a calorie deficit over the long term. 

Alternatives to Running for Weight Loss
If you've started a running program and you're sticking to it, then don't change a thing.  The best exercise program for anyone is the one that you stick to.  But if you fall into the group of people who find running too hard on their bodies, there are good alternatives.
If you eventually want to become a runner, think about doing walk/run intervals.   These can even be structured as high intensity intervals (HIIT) if you are healthy enough for vigorous exercise.  HIIT workouts have been shown to be extremely effective for weight loss.  You can also try aqua jogging.  This activity mimics the movements of jogging, so it prepares your muscles for the sport without the initial impact of your weight on the pavement.
For instance you can always invest in a good bike or roller blades. Now don't laugh but roller blades can be fun it's just like ice skating..(hahaha). On on more serious note I personally dislike running but when I do run I always make sure I have on the right shoes first. I prefer my fast pace walk because I can burn just as many calories and it's better on my feet.
So if you are just starting out my suggestion is to start with a fast pace walk and gradually add running into the mix. Don't go out on your first day and try and conquer 6 miles!! Take it slow and more important invest in running shoes!! 
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