Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are You a Junk Food Addict?

Growing up like most kids I was addicted the typical junk food. Who didn't hit the corner store more than twice a day for those 0.25 cent bags of chips!!! Well back then things were different. As a child I was very active, I mean I can remember staying outside all day until the infamous street lights came on. 

So as an adult those same junk foods are now my enemy!! I have friends who have to have chips and candy on a daily basis. It's almost like being an addict...hold up..they are when it comes to junk food. So here are some ways to kick this habit without going cold turkey.

One of the first steps in kicking the habit is DON"T BUY THEM. It's that simple. This is where the discpline comes into play. Do you have it what it takes to not add that bag of chips or cheetos into the cart? If you have small kids like myself it's ok to buy for them but you have to have self-control in order to not take a bag for yourself.

Instead buy more fruits, veggies and nuts and other healthy snacks to rid you of your addiction. I can remember I had to have an oatmeal cream pie at least twice a week and now I see myself buying them for my daughter. Have I had one? NOPE!! Just because I am avoiding the junk food doesn't mean I have to deprive my child. However I won't allow her to eat junk food on a daily basis but as a small kid I know they all love chips and on certain holidays she had candy and oh yea how I can forget my mother who spoils her with everything!!

This is why I keep my snack bag with me at all times for this main reason. This allows me to avoid those quick stops to the store while I'm at work and grabbing that .99 cent bag of chips (Salt n Vinegar) to be exact! Those were my favorite back in the day. Now when I see how much sodium is in one bag it makes me sick to my stomach.

Bottom line is this....if you don't buy can't eat it!! If someone offers you some...if you say won't eat it. 



  1. I love junk food and Salt N Vinegar are my favorite chips, I started eating the Kettle cooked brand OMG ..YUMMY :)
    I would love to find a healthier alternative when you have that craving for something a little salty

  2. ok let me see what I can find as your happy alternative hunny!!