Friday, February 22, 2013

Keeping the Weight Off for Good

Losing weight is difficult enough. But dieters are also faced with the fact that odds are stacked aganist them for a long-term success. As of today, I am also walking this journey with keeping the weight off. Trust me this is no walk in the park but over the years I have grown to keep myself motivated.

I have learned that once you reach your goal weight, the worst thing you can do is resume your old eating habits. Remember that those are the eating habits that caused the weight gain in the first place. I'm not saying that you can't enjoy your favorite foods however remember to eat in portions and make sure it is the correct serving size. Don't eat your favorites during the entire day, if you have a healthy breakfast and maybe a salad for lunch, if you want to have that burger or wings for dinner by all means enjoy it!!

Also keep in mind to stay connected to your sources of support. The same people who supported you in the dieting process will help you maintain your weight loss. Stay educated!!! Attend health seminars and pertake in fitness fairs. Make sure you stay up to date with  the new changes in the health field.

If you know someone who is ready to walk in your shoes then become a mentor to that person. One of the best ways to stay educated is to teach your weight-loss skills. What a great feeling it is to motivate and encourage others to follow your lead.

This is a new lifestyle change for a lot of people and in order to adapt to this change everyone needs to motivate one another. This is why I got back to blogging. I love reading the emails and text messages about how I have helped someone who inspired someone who just needed a little push to get back on track!!


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  1. Wow,this is some powerful knowledge you are giving people. Keep up the good work.