Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Tips I Live By

For those that know me personally they know that I work a hectic schedule that rotates a lot!! With that being said I have learned over the years that in order for me to eat the right foods, what better way it is to just pack everything.

So basically it depends what shift I'm working to be honest. If its day work hours then I usually pack breakfast and a light lunch along with plenty of lemons (for my water) and a some fruit to get me through the day. If  I'm working evening work (3-11pm) then I have dinner with me along with some fruit and maybe a yogurt. Being a Detective means that sometimes I get stuck on crime scenes and with working in the City the only stores that are in walking distance are your local corner stores which typically don't offer any healthy picks in my opinion. So I always have a snack bag on standby!!

So my snack bag today consisted of a Special K Bar and a banana and let's just say that I am so glad that I packed them both. This work day has kept me from the office since this morning with no lunch insight.

Also if you work in an office setting then everyone knows about the dreadful vending machine. Well here in my building we have several and to be honest there is no healthy choices by far. Just take a look at this photo for a second...several bags of chips, candy bars, pop tarts and tasty cakes!! EPIC FAIL!!!! This is why you need to just get in the habit of packing your snacks to avoid this!!!!


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