Monday, February 25, 2013

Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

Happy Monday!!!! I hope that everyone had a blessed weekend! Today I am going to share a few tips that has helped me while eating out but still watching what I ate.

** Order your main dish from the appetzer menu**

Not only are appetizers more reasonably-portioned, they will save you some money as well. This is a great way o save enough calories and cash to split dessert with someone. If you think the small appetizer won't be enough then add a side salad or add a bowl of soup.

**Beware of these high-dat menu buzz words**

Creme sauce, butter, oil, au gratin, breaded, Alfredo, battered or battered-dipped, "with gravy", or smothered. Unless you've spared yourself treats for several days and snacked on salad greems all day, these little "extras" aren't worth the extra calories.

**Modify the menu**

Try and make special requests. Many restuaurants will tak your dietary needs into account so you'll be a happy customer and return.

** Meat Lovers**

As tempting as that bucket of chicken looked on the commercial before you left home, order poultry steamed, poached, roasted, broiled, grilled or baked. Ask for skinless chicken whenever possible or remove it yourself. If you do treat yourself to a piece of fried chicken, choose white meat as it has fewer calories than dark.

** Endless Pasta**

Endless pasta at your favorite Italian restaurant may be a carb-lovers' heaven, but it's a waist-widening trap for those of us who tend to overeat. (How are you suppose to know when to say "when" if they keep bringing more?) As tempting as the great "value" for your money that infinitely-refilling pasta bowl seems, it's certainly not a bargain for your calorie budget. Order a portion-controlled main dish instead.

**Take control of takeout**

Who says you can't enjoy a nice takeout dinner when you're dieting? Remember there are many healthy options at ethnic restaurants. portion control is key, though. Take out half of your takeout before dishing up your dinner, put the food in microwave containers and tuck it away in the fridge before you even start eating. You have to maintain your will-power not to go for seconds!!


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