Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Excuses Are The Tools of the Weak....

Are you getting the weight loss results you want? Often, people feel that they don't have the time or the support that they need to really commit to a diet and exercise program and lose the weight. They may also feel that they don't have the access to the healthy foods or the gym that would make them lose weight. If you have ever used excuses when it came time to exercise then make today the last time you do!!!

Excuse #1 Lack of time.

Prioritize. The time that you devote to losing weight may not be the best time for you to invest in other avenues of your life. See if there are ways to put some pursuits on the backburner so that your health takes the top slot. 

Organize a schedule. Find windows of time that are not consumed by absolute necessities. Find time slots for healthy food preparation and exercise. Post the calendar in a place where you will be able to see it and use it daily. Now I have invested in a calendar from Target (6.99) and I live by this!! This helps me stay on track so I can accomplish everything that I have planned for that day.

Excuse #2 Lack of Access to Healthy Food or Exercise Facilities.

There is no doubt about food is more accessible than healthy food. And id lack of time is also an issue in your life, you probably also know that fast food is quicker. It is not surprising that many people have trouble losing weight because they don't have easy access to the right food.

The same challenge holds true for exercise. Most of us don't have a well-equipped gym and a personal trainer at our immediate disposal. So when we are already strapped for time, how do we get to the gym, learn to exercise and find time for a calorie busting workout?

Here is what I do...

When I work day work I usually pack my gym clothes with me and hit the gym at my job. When I'm working the evening shift I workout in the morning. So I may go to the gym or to Lake Montebello for a run. Also if you have On Demand on cable then you should know they have a Fitness channel which has some of the best workouts. Ranging from 10-15 min workouts, Abs, Cardio, Weights, you name it!! Just invest in some light weights, a mat and maybe a ball so you can have the basics at home. 

The path to weight loss success isn't an easy one. But if you stop using excuses you can identify and overcome the barriers that hold you back. 


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