Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Following My Lead

This is the same blog as I had before back when I first started my weight journey in 2009. It was created to inspire, coach, and motivate my friends and family that were facing the same struggles I had encountered. Just a brief history of me and my journey....

The Beginning

In 2009 I weighed 218lbs and wore a size 18. I blamed everyone and everything for the increase in my weight and did not want to take full responsibility for my lack of exercising. Growing up I was always active and for the most part wore a size 12. I was able to shop in my favorite stores without taking multiple clothing sizes with me. Reality struck me when I saw a dress in H & M and it was a 14. I was in denial so I grabbed a 14 along with a 16 and 18 and could not fit any of them. I sat in that dressing room crying until one of the workers came and asked me was everything okay. With that being said I called my best friend LaTavian who also was in the same boat as me and we decided that it was time to take control of our bodies and get back into shape.

The Fight

I had to change the types of food I ate. I cleaned out my kitchen and got rid of the junk. I made an appointment with a nutritionist who provided with me a list of foods I needed to start eating as well as getting me back into the gym. This was not easy folks!!! I literally cried after every workout but I knew the goal that I had to reach. Once I started this journey I thought that it would be cool to create a blog showcasing my struggle and hopes that others would start to follow my lead...and they did!!! The first blog (same name however since it was inactive they deleted me!!! lol) featured things I ate and updated information to keep everyone on the same page. I offered daily inspirational words of encouragement because I know that some people need to be motivated in order to reach there goals. So we started in Jan. 2009 (size 18) and by Nov. 2009 I was able to wear a size 8!!! Talk about being focused!!


Now everyone knows that once the weight is off its easy to gain it back. Well I did..but I only went up to a 10!! I have learned through the years that I don't diet...this is my lifestyle. This is the way that I live. I have dealt with the fact that I won't be a perfect size or weight but as long as I continue to eat right, stay active, drink plenty of water and motivate/encourage my followers then I will be FINE!!! So this is why I have re-created my blog. A few of my friends asked me why did I stop blogging and my response was LIFE!! I am a mother to a very energetic 3yr girl, I work full time as a Detective but to be honest I now have the ability to update my blog on a daily basis.

Thanks to a few of my friends who missed my blog... It's BACK!!!!!!!



  1. Great blog Wendy! You know me better than most people, so you know my weight has been an issue for me for years. Well, I'm working on that now. It's only been a few weeks for me, but I've lost 7 lbs. I'm trying to lose 50. I'm focused and happy to at least say that I'm the weight that I was before having my daughter. :) Great work to you for your accomplishments!

    1. hey sis...well you already know that together we can motivate each other...make sure you check my blog on a regular...love u

  2. What did you eat to curb your sweet tooth? That's my biggest challenge- sweets! I've tried fruits, but that doesn't always cut it for me.

  3. I ate more fruits...snoothies...yogurts...you have to be creative sis

  4. Im so glad you're blogging again. I definitely missed it! And Yes I'm still following your lead! Its hard at times but I'm taking baby steps, thanks Wendy!

  5. I will be staying tuned while on my own weight loss journey. I'm in need of discipline and I'm working on motivation so that I won't have to wear a size 16 or larger wedding dress (without alterations ). Keep it up girly!!! HELEN

  6. Hey Helen thanks for being a supporter. If you follow my lead sis and stay focused you will reach your goal. Love Ya!!